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The Audacity to Make a Difference with Ella Tsurkanu & Jill Collins PHD

January 29, 2023 Hosts: Rachael Kaufman and Eunice Pierre-Louis Season 6 Episode 8
What's Next Gen X Y Z
The Audacity to Make a Difference with Ella Tsurkanu & Jill Collins PHD
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Does advertising really save lives? Well did you know that not all commercials are about snack foods or name brand clothes. Have you ever thought about the benefits of advertising medications, vaccines, and medical devices? Ever think about the lives it saves? Well find out more including how one goes from working as a doctor in the hospitals and one goes from an industry in art to working in he world of advertising.

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Thank you for listening and always remember and encourage youth when exploring careers and entrepreneurship to... "Think Outside the Box"

0.18 Introduction

0.27 Commercial

1:14 Show Start 

2:27 When you were preparing to go into college what were you doing. Did you know what you wanted to do or did you want to use college to explore?

10:03 At what point does the opportunity of Audacity Health come into play. What interested you in going that direction and doing something else?

24:00 Lets say you have a client or a firm that wants to market a new hip replacement method. They provide all the facts, information and products. From that point from the initial meeting what can the span of time be to work with the client?

29:00 If each of you had to name one pro and one con to what you do what would that be?

33:00 What word of advice or encourage would you give others looking to transition into this industry or are fresh out of college and interested in health science advertising?

38:00 If someone wanted to find you or look into Audacity Health where would they find you?

39:40 Are there any last thoughts you’d like to share before we close out?